three poems

by gem luxemburg

art: Reddit


it’s side quests to a game you don’t know the rules to
& didn’t ask to play

it’s completing tasks blindly until you get killed
and still
continuing like a second specter
while the carnage continues

i come to & it’s to this

you spit paper into my hand again
you destroy what you love
as i make a list i read to you every day
of what you had and lost
and wonder why you can’t get back

& it goes on
false and
relentless as time
and we adapt

that one time at meditation group when d. saw me

i ask you if that chairlift
had always been there

you joke:

you should be more mindful

after, someone comments on the new light they
put on the chairlift
without thinking i turn to you

and say, see, i am observant

you say, you know i like you, right?

Having LaCroix With You

After Frank O’Hara

is even more fun than going to house shows, gathering of the vibes, tattooed mom

or getting sick to my stomach in the wake of a hurricane

partly because in our flesh sacks we are softer wetter more corruptible versions of St. Rita

partly because of my love for oblivion

partly because of your love for church basements

partly because of the way we share needles when we mainline reality

it is hard to believe when I’m with you

that reality can be anything as grating as brutal as utterly intolerable as we tell ourselves

when right in the face of it

in the tepid air of uncertainty

we are laughing and trading war stories

like survivors stumbling from a shipwreck

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