Summer 2021

Image: “Protest at Bridgeport, Connecticut City Hall, 1971 Jul 30” by Rich Wandel The New York Public Library Digital Collections

The idea that ‘the first pride was a riot’ is a frequent cliche in Queer and Trans spaces used to disparage corporate attempts to buy some cheap PR by selling a rainbow version of their product or handing out rainbow merch during a parade. But that riot–or more accurately, those riots–the Stonewall Riots, was the breaking point after many years of systematic oppression by the police and homophobic government policies. One participant said of the riots, “It was the first known instance of collective militant queer resistance to police harassment in United States history” and we would like to highlight that sentiment.

During the time of the riots, a trans woman could be arrested for ‘fraud’ if she simply chose to dress in feminine clothing. And as recently as February of this year in the very same city the riots took place in, a trans woman could be arrested under suspicion of prostitution if she is found to be in possession of a condom.

Remember that no matter how far we have come since the Stonewall Riots, there is still very far we have left to go. We at Garnet Oak wish all of our readers a happy Pride Month and hope you enjoy the second issue of our magazine.

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