Tenant Organizing and the Path to Power: A Personal Reflection on Socialist Organizing in 2021

Building a socialist mass movement depends on understanding our theory of change and critically reflecting on our successes and failures in its pursuit. With this in mind, we reflect on the 2021 tenet union building efforts in Central CT.

Private Developer Seeks to Further Gentrify New Britain

A luxury apartment building is in the works in downtown New Britain. Local government and media present this as a good thing that will improve the community, but the fact is this is just further gentrification of a city home to many poor people.

CT Media Deliberately Ignoring Palestine

Connecticut media outlets ignored widespread demonstrations for ending the apartheid of the Palestinian people. This was due in no small part to Connecticut’s arms industries and the lucrative contracts they have with the state of Israel.

Will the Opioid Settlement Money be Hijacked Just Like the Tobacco Settlement Dollars?

The state of Connecticut is going to receive $300 million to help combat opioid addiction as part of a national $26 billion settlement with opioid manufacturers. Can our representatives be trusted to use that money for what it’s intended?

“Greenwich Patriots” Go Dumb, Go Stupid at June BOE Meeting

Right-wing rubes descended on a Greenwich Board of Education meeting to complain about mask mandates, vaccination requirements, and critical race theory. It went about as well as it sounds.