Artist Interview: lionheART

A brief interview with Bridgeport-based art collective lionheART.

by Mairead McElroy
DAVAUGHN (detail) – Porter Brando
24×48, 2021 @porterbrando

1) What is lionheART and how did it get started? 

lionheART Bridgeport is an art space in memory of grandparents Bonnie and Richard Bieder. lionheART holds monthly gallery openings, offers weekly painting sessions, and has an arts and social justice library.

2) What’s that art scene like in Connecticut? What’s good about it and what would you change if you could? 

Connecticut has a great local arts scene. Bridgeport in specific has a ton of creative, energetic artists who create a thriving arts community. I wish the state would make it easier to receive grant money! If we could get a grant or two it would make the undertaking much more sustainable long term.

Visions of the Sun – Juliana Harebin
30×40 oil & acrylic on canvas

3) Do you use art to talk about current events and issues? What issues do you think are most pressing for our local community to address?

 My art is apolitical but I am open to featuring other artists who make work that addresses current events and issues. I am most interested supporting BLM and public health safety in COVID days.

You Deserve To Cause A Scene
@agirlcalled672 Jessica Hughes
12×12 2020

4) Where do you want your work to take you and what impact to you want to have on the world? Any advice for aspiring artists?

I’d like my work to be respected and enjoyed by my peers, friends, and family. If it could be a source of some part-time income that’d be nice too. To aspiring artists, I’d say paint what makes you happy and be confident in your work! Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to others. Most of the contacts I’ve made have been by reaching out to other artists over Instagram.

Storm Rider – Jean Benoit @jean_benoit_arts 20×16

Stay up to date about what LionheART is doing though the following links:

Instagram: @lionheartct


Facebook: lionheART Bridgeport


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