Introducing Gemstone and Acorns: The Garnet Oak Blog

The Garnet Oak Editorial Board is pleased to announce the launch of Gemstones and Acorns, our brand-new blog. There are a few reasons why we felt it necessary to create this blog, which will exist as a supplement of and in tandem to issues of Garnet Oak Magazine: 

  1. We wanted a place to publish things quickly.

First, there is the matter of expediency. Because issues of the magazine are being published on a quarterly basis, we felt that it was important to have a place where we can publish work about breaking news or otherwise time sensitive matters without rushing to push out issues outside of our production schedule. Gemstones and Acorns will be the place where we publish things that we feel must reach the public immediately.

  1. We wanted a place to experiment.

The more flexible format of a blog gives us space to try out different formats, writing styles, and topics that may fall outside of the scope of a traditional magazine. Gemstones & Acorns is the first place you’ll find more experimental pieces that push our boundaries as a publication. Be on the lookout for group chat transcriptions, multimedia posts, crowdsourcing, and more!

  1. We wanted a place for levity.

Working toward a better world where everyone has everything they need is serious business. The fight for justice and equity is not one we take lightly here at Garnet Oak. However, this does not mean that there is no place for joy or pleasure here. We want Gemstones and Acorns to be a place where we can publish things that are fun and lighthearted. 

Generally, Gemstones and Acorns is an arena of possibility. It will grow and shift and change right alongside our development as a publication. Watch this space to see where, exactly, things go. We are just as excited as you are to see what happens next.

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